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We minister primarily to the homeless and chronically mentally ill. We have several residential facilities. Men, women, families and single parents with children are welcome. All men and women in need are welcomed. We try to place any who wish to get off “the street” and enter one of our homes.

“Street people” are served lunch six days a week at the Loaves and Fishes soup kitchen located at 2009 Congress Street in the Downtown area. Our Clubhouse, located in Midtown at 3307 Austin Street, is open to those with a diagnosis of mental illness, five days a week; Monday through Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm.

The Moran Center at Elgin and LaBranch Streets and The New, Legacy Clubhouse at 1802 Forest Oaks Drive 77017, in South East Houston are two of our latest efforts at Christian Ministry for the area's needy.

There can be a time limit for those who come to live at Magnificat but some residents will never be able to leave. Others will secure employment and move on while still others will choose to remain with us, assist with our work and live our lifestyle.

We, the staff of Magnificat House, Inc., are dedicated to physically, mentally and spiritually helping people who are in need. We carefully listen to find the expression of need and devise ways to be of help. We do our best to enable men and women in need to discover, and often times rediscover their own personal gifts and inner worth; to restore themselves into society as contributors.

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